The History of MOTOP!

Over 85 years of progressive ministry in the heart of Wichita Kansas!

In the mid 1930’s the call to serve was made to Elder Lewis J. Liggins in Wellington, Ks from the Overseer of the State of Kansas Churches of God in Christ, Elder Charles Pleas. Elder Liggins came to Wichita, KS and started a tent revival in the 500 block of North Wichita Street in 1934.

Pastor Liggins along with his family held services in the tent until one night it caught fire during a service and burned down. After the destruction of the tent the ministry moved to the home of Pastor Liggins at 828 N. Wichita and the church became known as ‘The Little House at 8th and Wichita’. Pastor Liggins continued to serve as Pastor until he was called to relocate to Junction City, Ks in 1945.

That same year Bishop J.B. Alberta was appointed as pastor. The ministry continued to thrive under the leadership of Bishop Alberta and after some time the pastors’ wife, Mother Laddie Alberta, believed that God had given her the name for the church and 8th and Wichita became known as Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ. Bishop Alberta continued to shepherd until his demise in 1967 at which time Elder John Fields was appointed as pastor. Pastor Fields was dedicated to the ministry of Mt. Olive and he along with his wife, Mother Hattie Fields lead the ministry for the next 15 years until God called him home in 1982.

Elder Rodrick Fields Sr. was then selected to serve as pastor of Mt. Olive. The Lord blessed him and his wife Mother Myra Fields to continue to minister to the needs of the people for 22 years until due to declining health he stepped down from the pastorate in March of 2004.

In that same month Elder Roderick Houston, a native son of the ministry, was chosen as pastor of Mt Olive. Pastor Houston is a powerfully anointed and gifted man of God whose heritage began at Mt. Olive.  Since coming to Mt. Olive to pastor he has instituted many changes to the ministry most notably the change in the name of the ministry to Mt. Olive ‘Tabernacle of Praise’ Church of God in Christ.

In September of 2014 Mt Olive Tabernacle of Praise church moved to our new church home located at 909 N. St Paul.  Pastor Houston along with his wife, Lady Patricia Houston and the current administration of Mt. Olive are devoted to leading the church in this millennium to the place that God has preordained for us. 


Past Leadership

Pastor L Liggons, 1934-1946

Pastor J. B. & Mother Laddie Alberta, 1946 - 1967

Pastor John & Mother Hattie Fields, 1967-1982

Pastor Roderick & Mother Myra Fields, 1984 - 2004